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Gustin Design Services is happy to announce that we will be establishing a new studio dedicated to providing premade plan sets for customers wanting the results of an architect designed home at a fraction of the price.  At Gustin Design Services, we don’t want to let you purchase poorly designed “stock” designs simply because the cost and time needed for custom architectural services doesn’t fit your needs.

For those who don’t have the inclination, energy, nor time to invest in a custom design program and project, Gustin Design Services is happy to offer our packaged designs at an affordable price. Within our digital ready-made Home Plan Collections you’ll find professional plan layouts, elevations, wall sections and custom detailing needed for your project without the weeks and months required for a typical design project. Each design is available in two versions: (1) Schematic Package and (2) Construction Package. You have the option to purchase the design as either downloadable PDFs or a CAD file.

The Schematic Package is not enough to construct the project as the set lacks the fine details a contractor would need to complete the home. It’s a scaled, abbreviated drawing package to give a basic description of the floor plans and elevations with dimensions and typical notes, including partition layouts and overall room sizes. The Schematic Package is enough to for preliminary budgeting and project scope discussions.

The Construction Package delivers everything you’ll need to construct the home, including detailed plans, exterior elevations, wall sections, and interior details, along with a window, door and hardware schedule. Selection of interior finishes, fixtures, developing a lighting plan or other custom interior alterations would be under the scope of you and your contractor; however Gustin Design Services would be happy to aid you with those items as upgraded services.

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