Plan Sets

Why not just buy from a home builder? The simple answer is, then what you get is a home builder’s home. Home builder homes are designed and constructed with one major goal in mind – profits for the home builders. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with that goal, all businesses need to make money. However, in a lot of cases meaningful and thoughtful design is sacrificed for generating a profit from the home sale. It is possible to create a unique and inviting home “custom home appearance” at a competitive price. And, you can achieve this without needing the home builder’s buying power limiting your options.

For those who don’t have the time, money, or energy to invest in a custom design tailored to their site, GDS offers pre-packaged designs at an accessible price point. Our drawing packages include plan layouts, elevations, wall sections and custom detailing. There are two types of drawing sets available: Construction Sets and Schematic Sets. Also, a third option for each project is the Downloadable CAD file. This option provides all of the Construction Set PDFs and the floor plans, the elevations, and the building sections in .dwg format. Which can be modified and customized to fit your project specifications.

Construction Sets

The Construction Set delivers everything you’ll need to construct the home. The PDF set includes detailed plans, a dimensioned foundation plan, roof plan(s), exterior elevations, wall sections, and interior details. Included with the set are a window, door and hardware schedule. Also, GDS also offers consultations and upgraded services for those looking for help determining interior finishes, selecting fixtures, developing a lighting plan or other custom interior alterations.

Schematic Sets

The Schematic Set is preliminary set intended to give a basic description of the floor plans and elevations with basic dimensions, including wall layouts and overall room sizes. It’s typically not enough to build from as the set lacks details a contractor would need to complete the home. However, they are scaled drawings and could be used to approximate the designs and for budgetary discussions.

Also, each floor plan shown comes with a standard exterior design, however, there are numerous exterior choices that can be made from the same floor plan. As an example, see our Bradley Design. In the Bradley, the floor plan lends itself to three different options of exteriors (traditional, modern prairie, and Mediterranean) even though the floor plan does not change.

The purchase of any plan set grants you the one-time license use of the design to use for your project. GDS is here to answer any questions you may have regarding what is included and what can be accomplished with any plan set.

What if I want to change the plans?

Frequently, the plans shown are not quite the perfect plan for each particular customer, and changes would need to occur. After all, you want to make sure your new home is just right for you.  The process for customizing your plan is straightforward; it goes like this:

  1. Contact us, via email and GDS will review you desired modifications. It is helpful to include any sketches, pictures, or a detailed description of the changes you’d like made. From this GDS will develop a free estimate for the scope of work it will take to modify the drawings for you to review.
  2. Assuming the estimate and written change description meets your approval, the next step is for you to purchase the plans if you have not already done so. The purchase of the plans also acts as the deposit to reserve your space in our production schedule. If you have already purchased the plans then the purchase price will be credited to the cost of the new scope of work (so you will not be paying twice for the plan set).
  3. Then, we will schedule a either a meeting, conference call, or video conference to discuss the modifications and what to expect from your order. GDS will then confirm with you via email the expected turn around time, deliverable drawings, and any other pertinent information for the completion of the drawing package.
  4. GDS will contact you again when the design changes have been finalized and the remainder of the balance will be due. Upon receipt/confirmation of final payment of that order, the finalized modified PDF package and accompanying CAD files will be sent.

Additional Information

Any further questions may be answered on our FAQ page. If after reading through the FAQ page and you still have questions please feel free to contact us at and use the (Title) Plan Set – (Your Name) in the subject line.

Please see the the license agreement for information regarding use of our drawing packages. By purchasing a plan set you agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement


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