Why GDS?

One House

“Invest in Trust.  It is always worth it.”

– Arthur Genlser

Welcome to the Gustin Design Services family.

Thanks for stopping by. GDS is based in Central Texas (the Austin area), we’ve been practicing since 2015, and we love what we do. The types of architecture we focus on are homes, offices, stores, and veterinary care facilities (residential, commercial, retail, and medical in architect speak).

We are here to make sure that your project is designed to be the most efficient use of your time, energy, and money.  Whether your vision is to ensure that you maximize the revenue generating potential of your building, get the most out of your budget, and/or create inviting and beautiful spaces, GDS is here to work with you to give you the best design options to meet your goals.

We use programs such as AutoCAD and Revit so that we are able to create 3D models with our clients. This makes the design process intuitive, and the technology (sometimes referred to as BIM: building information modelling) allows us to simultaneously prototype and customize your project before we build it. This makes the construction way easier, because we can coordinate the technical guts of your building (HVAC systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, structural systems, energy calculations, acoustics, sustainability, construction details, and costs) with the fun, eye candy (the massing, scale, interior finishes, exterior finishes, building envelope, and design of the floor plans and elevations). An integrated project eliminates some of the mistakes that used to happen with old school firms. All this makes for a better, faster, and more economical project.

You’re welcome to check out our portfolio of projects, to see if anything catches your eye as a starting point for your project, which you can do here.  Or if you are in the mood to read some more technical information and educate yourself about some of the things you will encounter during your project take a look at our Useful Information section.

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